Monday, September 27, 2010

MIA.... not for long!

As you may or may not have noticed, Jess & I have not been blogging as frequently as we once did. We apologize. Since we moved in together at the end of August, we've made dinner at our new abode quite a bit. Jess makes a mean turkey chili & italian wedding soup! Plus, there's something very nice about waking up at your apt & making coffee & eggs.

But, no worries, we're not the self-proclaimed Resto Hoppers for nothing.. we'll be back out there soon enough! On Wednesday, we're taking advantage of a Blackboard Eats deal and going to Do Hwa with a couple of friends. We're very excited & will blog it up later this week!

Stay tuned for more of our culinary adventures.. we're excited to get back out there!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Neighborhood Eats - Greenwich Village Edition

Last week, Jess & I moved into our new apartment in the heart of Greenwich Village. Naturally, our first move was to explore the food in the neighborhood.

Greenwich Village Bistro was the first local joint we checked out, and it was a cool spot. Originally, we sat inside but the live music was a bit too loud & we couldn't hear each other speak. I think the manager told the trumpet player to chill out, but the decibel level still wasn't conducive to having a conversation. This was probably our fault for coming here for dinner around 9:30.

We parked ourselves outside & had the best of both worlds- live music, people watching on Carmine Street, and a nice end-of-summer breeze. The food was stellar (burger for me & shrimp with rice for Jess). The beer & wine were up to par, and the bill didn't set us back too much. Is this the kind of place we'll go to for a mind-blowing meal? Definitely not - but if we're looking for some good eats, a solid atmosphere, and some drinks, then GVB satisfies.

Suzie, Suzie...Suzie, Suzie! Suzie's chinese food! We had been told by numerous people that we NEEDED to try Suzie's ASAP! We got delivery one night and it was better than your average Chinese food for sure. We each got a "healthy dish" (Jess got chicken & shrimp and I went with chicken & mixed veggies) sautéed with their brown sauce. It’s nice to know that we have good Chinese food right across the street from our apt - some places can be seedy & gross, but Suzie's is the real deal.

Saving the best for last? You bet I am! Cafe Habana on Prince Street in SoHo was another spot recommended to us. We ordered take-out, took the 10 minute walk over there, and ate our sandwiches on one of the benches outside. They also have a sit down restaurant next door, but waits are usually long. Per my friends' reco, I went with their famous Cuban sandwich. Was it the best ever? No, but I'm not a Cuban connoisseur either. Was it damn good? Yes, definitely. Each bite had a nice amount of pork/ham and loads of flavor. It was the kind of sandwich I was sad to see end. Jess got the portobello and goat cheese torta with spinach, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato. An enjoyable sandwich, although the jalapenos dominate instead of adding some spice to each bite. Another highlight of this meal was the ridiculously tasty Mexican corn ($2) that they serve on the side. We each had a husk & loved every buttery, creamy bite. We'll definitely be back here for many meals.

We'll continue to explore our new neighborhood & update you on local eats we think you should check out....stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Labor Day weekend was our staycation and on Saturday evening, we headed west to Bobo with our pals Ilana and Max. These two get special mention for being cool and for knowing the head chef, which entitled us to some nice add-ons along the way. So, ALERT: some items that we received were not on the menu...please don't be too jealous.

Let me start off by saying Bobo definitely wins you over with its atmosphere right away. It's housed in a West Village townhouse and has two floors, oozing with soft lighting and eclectic decorations. It's a great spot to have a cocktail and some appetizers at the bar, and evokes the feeling that you may see Ernest Hemingway knocking a few back two stools away from you. Why? It just does.

We started out with the Ahi Tuna with avocado and cilantro, which was by far the most scrumptious bite of the evening. The dish seems simple but the tuna is fresh, thick and bursting with flavor - this appetizer is a must. We also got some fried oysters and turnip scallops - both which were delicious. Some add-ons that came out were savory pancakes with a tomatillo salsa for on top along with a beet salad. We were stuffed and hadn't even received the entrees yet!...but everything was top notch.

The ladies got the trout, which came with a lovely meyer lemon sauce and fresh vegetables. The men opted for meat. Eric got the cheeseburger, which was fat, juicy, and topped with fried leeks. Not what he was expecting, but a flavorful surprise nonetheless.

Alongside our entrees came some pequillo peppers stuffed with lamb sausage - if that doesn't get your mouth watering, you probably should stop reading our blog. Flavor, freshness, creativity...boom! Great dish.

On the side came a summer succotash, which was heavenly: fresh corn, butter and tomatoes, which melted together in your mouth. We also received some sautéed green onions, which were tasty. This place knows how to do its vegetables.

Dessert? ....Nah! We were way too full. But the bruleed cheesecake sounds rather gluttonous, so we'll have to come back and indulge further.

Bobo is a great spot for some dank eats and fresh veggies!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eric's Birthday Weekend!

My birthday was last Saturday (8/28) and to celebrate I had lots and lots of great food with friends and family. Here's a rundown of what this Hopper eats for his bday:

LaPiazza Buffalo Chicken - I headed back home (Plainview) for the pizza that I consider to be the best in the land. LaP's famed pie has loads of buffalo chicken & mozzarella cheese, but the kicker is the creamy blue cheese that is drizzled on top. Each bite is more delicious than the previous one and I won't go home without indulging.

Tipsy Parson's Luther Burger - Jess threw me a surprise birthday brunch with some of my closest friends. We went to the previously blogged about Chelsea brunch spot, Tipsy Parson. This cute little spot is home to the Luther Burger (bacon cheeseburger served between a sliced glazed donut). It's every bit as delicious as it sounds and if you're looking for a clogged artery, this is for you! Sweet, savory, crunchy, it has it all!

Mercer Kitchen - Jean Georges' SoHo spot had been on my "list" for quite some time so it seemed like a logical choice for a bday dinner with Jess' and my families. The atmosphere is a mix of modern & rustic. It's sleek and feels very new, but at the same time there's lots of exposed bricks & pipes. We all agreed that it was a cool-looking spot. The highlight for Jess & I was the Shrimp Salad app. We liked the scallop entree and the tuna spring roll app, but weren't gaga over it. Jess' bro got a chilled pea soup that everyone tried & thoroughly enjoyed!

Jess' gift to me was a day & night filled with all of my favorite activities. We woke up and headed north to Wave Hill. This park is under the radar and needs to be seen! You wouldn't believe how pretty The Bronx can be. We had a lovely buffet brunch (highlighted by home fries & fresh fruit) before exploring the grounds - gardens, greenhouses, ponds, fresh smells, and more - and laying out in the abundant sunshine!

Blue Hill was my dinner surprise and it was incredible. Obama dined here during a recent visit to New York City, so you know its legit. All of their ingredients are fresh from local farms, including their two in upstate NY & Great Barrington. The decor is simple, yet elegant. They start you with warm, soft, crunchy bread and soft butter - a great way to kick off our dining experience.

Looking for a new type of wine? How about a Malbec Rose served chilled? It was delicious & we're already looking into ordering some for our apt. Our server raved about the tomatoes being in season so we ordered the heirloom tomato salad to start. They split it for us (always a nice
move) and upon first bite we were ready for liftoff! The flavors of the tomato are bursting out and with each bite, you are amazed with how tasty a salad can be! The best part is still to come as the tomato juice sitting at the bottom of your bowl is intensely flavorful. Take some of your bread and use it to soak up the juice..... Ahhhh, a lil bite of heaven.

Jess' entree was the veggie special - eggplant. The bite I had was tremendous and she loved it! On the side of this dish was an eggplant spread that we shared. Think of your favorite babaganoush and it's kinda like that only more eggplant-y and fresh. The chicken dish I got was a reco from the waiter, and he led me down the right path. This was oozing with taste and super juicy! Not your mom's chicken (no offense, mom. I love your chicken tarragon!).

All in all, I'd highly recommend Blue Hill if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion. We loved every aspect of our meal, and we think you will too!