Saturday, June 5, 2010

Primehouse (Brunch)

One of the many reasons why I love living in New York City is that you can discover that a steakhouse in Murray Hill owned by BR Guest Restaurants is secretly home to one of the best brunch deals in all of the 5 boroughs. Who knew?!?

For the price of your brunch entree ($9-$17), you get the following complimentary: Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Bellini, Mimosa, Campari, Champagne, Orange Juice or Grapefruit Juice AND Coffee or Tea. Plus, a bread basket served when you sit down that is unbelievable! With soft, whipped butter this is one of the best baskets I've had in the city. Raisin bread + what tasted like a bannana-cranberry bread that was more like a dessert.

We each got the farmer's market omelet ($12) with egg whites, market vegetatbles, low fat muenster cheese, and two slices of turkey bacon. The last time we came it was served with a healthy portion of delicious "old school" home fries. This time, it was served with two skewers of fresh fruit. I guess it depends on the season... genius!

The omelet is stuffed with loads of vegetables (tomato, zucchini, asparagus, spinach, & more) and is a very good healthy & hearty way to start off your day. Primehouse also offers a dozen other brunch options that look great if this omelet doesn't tickle your fancy.

What also makes Primehouse such a great brunch option is that the service is impeccable. The entire wait staff was attentive & on top of their game, without being pushy at all. We loved it, and we think you will too!

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