Friday, February 11, 2011

Corsino and the story of the dish so nice, we ordered it twice!

Corsino has been on the top of our list for a while and on a snowy Friday evening last month, we finally busted our cherry. The restaurant has an Italian wine bar feel with it's dark interior, wooden tables and wine glasses everywhere. The menu options make it hard to choose between the shared plates, pastas and meats.

We started with a big ole caraff of red wine and that immediately warmed our souls & brought smiles to our faces. We ordered the following crostinis:
  • sweet onion & walnut
  • brussels sprouts & pecorino
  • ricotta & orange honey
  • radicchio & goat cheese
  • basil pesto
Each was large enough for the two of us to split and have a few bites. Some were better than others, namely the ricotta and orange honey, which was so delectable that we got another order for DESSERT! The balance between the smooth and subtle saltiness of the ricotta was perfectly complemented by the sweet and tangy orange honey. A perfect bite.

After the crostinis, we debated back and forth about what to share next and came up with the fusilli with lemon, scallions, chili & pecorino romano as well as the heritage brisket meatballs.

The pasta was recommended by our server and I don't think it would normally be a dish that would catch our eye, but it was simple and very flavorful. The chili and scallions really added a nice element to the dish. And the brisket meatballs? Well, how can you go wrong when you've got a meatball made with brisket? They came in a delicious tomato sauce and felt just downright old school Italian.

The vibe at Corsino paired with that heavenly ricotta honey crostini will definitely lure us back. A great "go-to" restaurant. Get involved.

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