Monday, February 22, 2010


We went to Alta last Saturday night with a group of 10 people. We’ve been to Alta before in slightly smaller settings and know it’s a great place to go with a group for tapas. However, it's always trial and error with the ordering, and depends on the food preferences & eating habits of the other people at the table. Some dishes are smaller and less easy to split than others, but at least the more people you go with, the more excuses you have to order more dishes (and run the bill up)!

Items we got and are they a must?:

-Bacon-wrapped dates and olives: A must! Bacon-wrapped anything will be good, but the dates balance out the bacon perfectly and are a great way to start the meal. Everyone who tried this, loved them!

-Brussels sprouts: Another must! They're crisp, delicious, and everything you would want out of a Brussels Sprout. Is it just us or does it feel weird that Brussels has an ‘s’ at the end?

-Shrimp and chorizo skewers: Eh. Good, but plain.. Did not inspire us.

-Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce: Good but not a must. I've had better chimichurri sauces but at least it was a filling dish. Side note: Eric thought this dish was a must, and one of the better dishes he had all night.

-Goat cheese balls: Our third (or fourth) must of the evening. With the honey dipping sauce, it's a delicious and playful dish. Once again, this was a hit with everyone who tried one.

-Mushroom flatbread: Was definitely a hit, but wasn't exotic at all.

-Red Sangria: Get involved! It’s tasty, and will sneak up on you by the end of the meal!

All in all, Alta was a big hit, and confirmed our belief that it’s the perfect spot to go to with a group looking to dine on some tasty tapas & throw back some drinks. Check it out yourself, and tell us what dishes we should try the next time we’re there…

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