Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brooklyn Bagel Co. - Our vote for New York City's best bagel

We learned about Brooklyn Bagel on (8th btwn 24th & 25th) from some friends of ours who swore by it. We didn't have a go-to bagel spot that we LOVED, but we did gravitate towards David's Bagels (1st & 18th) and Bagel And Shmear (28th btwn Park & Lex). After trying a BK Bagel, we quickly learned that this is what a New York bagel should taste like... soft & doughy on the inside while crunchy & well-done on the outside (when toasted). This is the type of bagel that redefines everything you think you know about bagels.
Taboot, they have a wide array of bagels to choose from (our favorite is the whole wheat everything) and an even wider array of spreads (everything from cinnamon walnut raisin tofu to strawberry cream cheese). You can be sure that you'll be able to pick out a combo that is right up your alley. Our favorite spread is the veggie tofu -- the more they put on our bagels, the better, and don't be scared to tell them not to skimp you!
We also prefer to have our bagels scooped out & toasted to give the bagel even more crunch, while not getting too full from it (don't worry, their scoop jobs are pretty half-ass so you still get to enjoy the soft doughy inside of the bagel). Most of the time, they nail it right on the head and give you a warm, toasted, crispy bagel with a healthy portion of veggie tofu inside - it's a great contrast in textures.

We've also sampled their tuna salad & chicken salad.. both are above-average. But then again, you can put just about anything on one of their bagels and you'll go home a happy camper.

We'll continue to head to Brooklyn Bagel to have a quick, cheap breakfast & satisfy our bagel cravings. Check it out, and let us know what you think...

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