Monday, February 15, 2010

Robert @ MAD (Museum of Art and Design) - Valentine's Day Edition

We read about Robert and it seemed like the perfect spot to go to for Valentine's Day: on the top floor of the MAD @ Columbus Circle, overlooking Central Park, window-side seating, good-looking menu, etc, etc. We head up there and realize that we don't get to order from the regular menu (that we had analyzed online prior to the meal)- we're forced to order from a 3-course $85 prix fixe V-Day menu. We didn't know this going in and probably wouldn't have gone if we did...oh well, we made the best of it! So here goes our experience at Robert...

Atmosphere: Absolutely beautiful layout. As soon as you walk out of the elevator, you walk into the "lounge" and are staring over Columbus Circle & up Central Park West through large windows that surround the restaurant. There was a piano player to set the scene (we imagine that he's not always there, but it was a nice addition) amid modern-looking tables and seating.

Amuse Bouche: Robert served an oyster with a relish on top - a welcomed surprise.

Apps: Hashimi was served with grapefruit, avocado, scallions, micro greens & a little bit of a cream sauce. We both got it & it's a good thing cause I don't think either of us would have wanted to share it... it was amazing! We highly recommend this app - it was light yet full of flavor.

Drinks: We each ordered 2 dirty martinis ($11 each) and they both hit the spot.

Entrees: Medium-rare beef filet was a hit! It was served with a bolandaise sauce that was delicious! It was a dark sauce that worked well with this piece of meat. Vadalia onions, spinach & potato gratin were the perfect complimentary sides to this steak... The portion was more than enough for one person. The lobster was also excellent - it was butter poached and perfectly tender. It was served over pureed cauliflower, spinach and a light sauce.

Desserts: Red velvet cake was served a little bit colder & not as moist as usual. However...we ate the entire portion and didn't want it to end. Pistachio ice cream alongside the cake worked really well. The flourless molten chocolate cake was also delicious - it came with vanilla ice cream and was a nice, sweet note to end the meal on.

Conclusion: $135/person is a bit steep, but on V-Day, Robert was worth it. If you are looking for a special evening, with great food, a spectacular atmosphere/view, and good service, Robert will hit the spot!

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