Sunday, February 28, 2010

Momofuku Noodle Bar > Milk Bar

During our recent trip to Vail, we met a chef who worked in Colorado. After telling him we were from New York, his first question was, "How is Momofuku?" Sadly, we had not tried it and made it our mission to do so when we returned. We figured this weekend was the perfect chance to try Momofuku, since it was snowy and we thought that most people would not brave the elements. Since they do not take reservations, it's inevitable that we'd have to wait. We underestimated the place. There was a 90 minute wait when we got there, but the hostess was good enough to tell us that we could leave and come back in an hour, which we did. After a martini and some arcade photo hunt, we ventured back to wait just a few more minutes before getting seated at the bar area.

I wouldn't say much about the ambiance there - it's crowded and minimalistic. But that's not why you go there. The food was great - we started with the famous pork buns, which were delicious - although, not what we were expecting:

The buns are soft, almost pita-like, and filled with two big pieces of pork with a hoison sauce. They were succulent and very satisfying. For the main dishes, we ordered both the pork ramen noodles and the scallion noodles, both of which were very enjoyable. The scallion noodles were flavorful for not having a broth - the noodles were accompanied by mushrooms and scallions and the ginger just infused the dish with goodness. The pork ramen noodles come with a super-flavorful broth, a healthy portion of noodles, pork (belly & shoulder), egg (that you break & stir into the broth), and veggies (mushrooms, scallions, etc).

After eating our faces off at the Noodle Bar, we decide to have dessert around the corner at Momofuku Milk Bar, which is a place that may be mistaken for heaven. It's crowded and there's not much place to stand, but their dessert options are mind-blowing. We got a swirl of the red velvet cake and the cream cheese icing soft-serve ice creams. It was divine. Getting ahead of ourselves, we also ordered a piece of the chocolate malt cake, which was also superb! If you're a chocaholic, come here & try this ASAP - you'll be in heaven! They had crazy options like cinnamon bun pie, pie with pretzels and potato chips, banana bread ice cream, and so much more. We highly recommend the Momofuku Noodle and Milk Bars and look forward to trying the other Momofukus soon! They are not to be missed...and worth the wait!

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